Sunchasers Club

they run around with parachutes on their backs, I’ve either forgotten how to strap mine on or I’m missing it entirely

Sure am running, though

I’ve got a whole summer on my shoulders but I’m not ready for slumber
nor am I ready for the season to end;;
it’s not gone until the 21st

the shadows and the slivers
sunchasers club
tale of the tadpole
nothing & nowhere in particular

what’ll it be today?
class, I suppose

I’ve missed school (dearly) though I have to say, mnrbys has been quite the summer experiment

Another week or two would be nice

Spent the summer looking for a double Popsicle, still haven’t found one

It’s always “I don’t have enough time at the moment”

how do you feel?

No, I mean, how does one go about feeling?

Getting there; I love my boys